eating raw: the 3rd day

I have to say, I scheduled my "3 days in the raw" to include a farmer's market day.  By day 3 I wasn't excited about the stuff I had in my fridge anymore.  I needed some fresh inspiration and new taste sensations!  After a breakfast of another green smoothie of kale from the patio, apples, banana, blueberries and a pear, we headed to the Green City Market....

Sam "eating" kale on the way home from the market.

While Sam was napping I peeled and thinly shaved the beets, Japanese radishes and carrots for a simple salad inspired by the to-die-for shaved vegetable salad with bleu cheese at Maude's Liquor Bar, my new favorite restaurant with the most amazing food, especially their salads.  I didn't include the blue cheese in my version (as much as I wanted to and will next time) and it wasn't quite as good as Maude's, but it was very tangy, crispy and fresh!  I used a basic red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing to really let the flavors of the fresh root vegetables shine through!


In the afternoon we went to the park and stopped by Karen's Raw on the way home.  I needed another fresh option for my late lunch!  I think her entrees are over-priced so I grabbed the sprouted hummus and this new "cheddar cheese" spread she had that is amazing!  Sam was literally dipping his fingers in it when we got home.  I used it and the hummus for another nori wrap loaded with raw veggies.  I can't wait to try to whip up the "cheddar cheese" myself.  Especially since she charges 8.99 for a small container.

I was making a slow cooker chicken for my guys for dinner that night and I just couldn't resist!  I decided I needed to listen to my craving for meat.  But at least I ate (another) raw salad....

So here's what I learned in my 3 raw days:
1.  Eating raw doesn't leave you hungry necessarily.  I was actually quite satisfied after each meal, but by the end of day 2 and on day 3, I was craving more variety.
2.  I love nori wraps and will incorporate them often for simple lunches - especially since I'm still trying to avoid too much wheat.
3.  A light, raw breakfast is great most days.  Anything too heavy leaves me longing for a return to my bed. 
4.  It's amazing what you can do with raw nuts!
5.  I felt really good and thought my skin looked just a little better.  100% raw isn't for me right now, but I will try to incorporate more raw meals into my repertoire.

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