DIY: A multi-purpose lego table with pull-out drawers

It's beyond freezing outside!  So what to do for the next few days when school is cancelled and nothing's open?  Play with all the toys we got overt the holidays of course.  Except that many of the new toys have lost their luster already, but not the legos. That's why they're one of my favorite toys!  The possibilities are endless, Sam plays independently with them, and when that fails, I actually enjoy playing too.  Oliver is even getting into them (all Duplo for now).  Before Christmas I searched and searched for a table like this with no luck.  They all had shelves below so you couldn't sit or didn't have pull-out drawers.  Sooo, my mom and step-father, DIYers, built this great little multipurpose lego table for around $50.  Here's a rough DYI instructional. Note: this may not be for someone who doesn't know her way around some woodworking tools.


  • Maple for the table: Roughly 8' of 1"x3" for the legs & roughly 13' of 1"x4" for the sides and support base
  • Wood for the drawer slides: see pictures as it's a little complicated but if you're familiar with this sort of thing, the pics will explain
  • Ikea plastic drawers: 4
  • Lego building base plate: Two 12"x32" or whatever your desired size but a different size will change the dimensions of your table.  They got these at Galt Baby
  • Kreg jig: The DIYers claim this makes putting the table together much easier

Table Dimensions:

Table sides: 32"x25.5"
Legs: 22"
Table top: 24"x36"  They used the eco friendly MDF topped with a layer of white board topped with lego building base plates.  This way I can remove the lego base plates and use the white board top for coloring, eating, trains etc.

I hope you're inspired (or you can inspire someone who can do this sort of thing).  Thanks Dede and Papa T!

The tracks for the drawers were the hardest part according to my mom.  It took a little thought and they upcycled a few pieces of wood from an old piece of furniture.

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