Maternity Style: Best Dressed Bumps II

It's not always easy to find your style when pregnant.  I did a post about maternity style the last time I was expecting and it gave me lots of great ideas.  Here's a second round for even more inspiration.  These 12 lovely ladies have it figured out!

I love the idea of the maxi skirt turned dress from Quality Rivets, especially with the jacket.  She has lots of great maternity style on her blog!

A very pretty look from Let It Be.

I still love stripes and I love Zanna Roberts Rassi! This is a great interview with her about maternity style on modmods.

I'm not big on spending a lot of money on maternity clothes, but Hatch makes such cute ones that you can wear after baby darling is this dress!

Another great maternity style piece featuring the must have bump accessory, the drape style cape top on the Solly Baby blog.

 I love the a fitted dress on a pregnant woman, especially with a great jacket!

Another fitted dress and jacket combo from 9-5 chic, another great blog with fabulous maternity style.

And for your more casual days:

This tied t over a dress is adorable.  I picture her at the farmer's market!

A flowy top becomes the perfect bump t at très chic mama

The adorable 14 week mama-to-be at Love Me Bright is working this men's t with the sleeves cut off to give it feminine edge.



  1. Superb blog. I love these dresses. I appreciate it.
    Thanks a lot for share.

  2. SOOO cute! I need to step up my "bump" fashion!


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