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Raising kids is a challenge, no doubt about that.  And there's also no doubt that there's plenty of advice out there: books, older sisters, in-laws, doctors...everyone's full of it and they almost all say something different.  Graytmama is a blog about one mom's quest to find the answers to all things baby and make them available to us in a concise way that makes visiting her site like a good chat with your most knowledgable and trusted confidant. Whether your dealing with teething, sleep training or wondering how and when to start discipling your little one, Graytmama is an amazing resource written by a real mom.  Below is an interview with Shannon, the inspirational mama behind Gray T.  Thanks for helping make this whole raising kids thing a little easier for all of us, Shannon and for your support no matter what choices we're making for our families!

How did you get inspired to start the blog?  Was there an 'aha' moment?  And where do you find inspiration for new posts?

I don't know if it was so much inspiration, but more like frustration! Frustration at the lack of websites out there with good information on raising babies.  Sites like babycenter can be very frustrating, because you get WAY too many answers and opinions. Truthfully, most moms don't have the time to sit down and read a 300 page book to learn about sleep training, naps, foods, etc.  I took what I read, researched, and experienced and put it all down for moms to have and use. A lot of my readers tell me they use my site as a reference, which is exactly why I started it. I know when I have baby number 2, I will be using it as a guide as well.

My inspiration comes from my experience, if I'm going through it, then I usually write about it!

What's the biggest nutritional, healthy lifestyle or parenting style type change or discovery you've made since starting the blog?

Having the website has opened my eyes to all the different types of parenting styles there are in the world.  It has made me be more open to doing what works best for our family, and not what other people tell me is best.  I have also started reading food labels a lot more when it comes to what I give my baby.  Once you figure out the best brands to buy, shopping becomes easy!

Gray is 16 months, what are you finding is the most challenging and most rewarding thing about this age?

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?!  Gray has just started throwing tantrums, and it has left me feeling "ill equipped". This has been super challenging! I taught special ed in the inner city for almost 10 years, and thought I could handle anything, boy was I wrong! I'm currently on a researching binge, trying to figure out the best way to handle her moving forward. The most rewarding thing about this age is EVERYTHING! Every time she says a new word, discovers a new skill, or laughs at something funny she did, I am overwhelmed with joy.

You're expecting another baby this summer.  I know from our chat and your post about breastfeeding that you had a really tough time.  Will you give it another shot and what, if anything will you do differently this time? 

I will definitely give it another try! However, I will NOT put so much pressure on myself this time. My motto this go around is happy mama=happy baby. I was so stressed out that I began dreading feeding my baby. I think breast milk is important, but not more important than the bonding time that is spent between mama and baby during feeding time. I'm going into it with a relaxed attitude this time! It's really sad how much pressure is put on moms to breastfeed. You can check out my story at

What advise would you give other mom bloggers starting out?

It's your blog! You can do it anyway YOU want!  I get advice all the time, but at the end of the day I still do everything the way I want.  Once I found my voice, I realized that was the way graytmama was always going to be.

How has motherhood changed you (do you find yourself thinking "I thought I would never do/say/think this")?  And your relationship with your husband?

I don't think motherhood has changed me. It's changed my life for sure. I have less "me" time, less sleep, and less time to relax, BUT more love than I even know what to do with. There are times when I hold my daughter and am moved to tears at the idea that I made her. Well, WE made her, my gorgeous husband and I. The hubs and I have a better relationship now, one that requires a lot more communication than it used to. We both feel that our relationship comes first and our child comes second. We truly understand that if we aren't happy, then our daughter won't be happy. We have every other Wednesday date night, and stick to it, and will continue to take vacations without our kids. Our kids will leave us someday, and we both know that.

Congrats on your blog, Shannon and on the baby on the way.  We're thrilled to have you as a resource and look forward to many new posts as Gray grows...I'm especially excited about the tantrum post...very timely :)

You can check out Shannon's site over at or follow her on Facebook at

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  1. It was so wonderful working with you Heather! I loved sitting down and chatting with you and look forward to future work together!


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