honey for seasonal allergies

So have you heard the buzz about raw honey and it's ability to relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies?  Many seasonal allergy sufferers swear by this remedy which is based on the theory that honey contains small amounts of local pollen and will help desensitize your immune system to the offending pollen in the air. 

The honey has to be raw and produced locally (some say within 10 miles of where you live is best) so that it contains the same pollen that is affecting you and or your family.   There isn't much scientific research to back this up, but keep in mind that your local honey bee farmer likely doesn't have the same funds for clinical research that your local pharma company does.  If you're up for giving it a try, a teaspoon or so a day just may help you out. 

Your local farmer's market is your best bet for finding a local raw honey.  If you live in Chicago, the Chicago Honey Co-op sells locally and naturally produced raw honey on their website and at the Green City Market (Wednesday and Saturday in Lincoln Park).  Not only can this honey help you breathe easier, buying from this Co-op dedicated to sustainable agriculture helps provide job training to the under-employed.  AND they sell lip balm...and you can never have enough lip balm :)

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  1. I skipped the farmer's market this morning.... now I am sad, I would like to try some raw local honey and see if it helps.. plus, it is good on my yogurt!



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