Simple Detox Plan: 10 ways to recover from a festive holiday

1.  Take a bath
The first step to a simple detox is to take a bath at night (preferably sober) in steaming hot water with 2cups:1 cup epsom salt to baking soda.  The epsom salts helps you sweat and pulls the toxins out of your muscles while the baking soda neutralizes the chlorine in the bath water.  Avoid using soap as it will neutralize the effects of the salts.  Add a little lavender essential oil to help you rest well that night.

2.  Start the day with room temp lemon water
It's true that lemon water can really improve your health.  Here's a few ways:

  • cleanses the liver
  • reduces aches and pains due to uric acid
  • enhances the immune system with vitamin C
  • hydrates
  • clears skin
  • reduces phlegm
  • gets rid of harmful bacteria thus improving breath and digestion
Simply add the juice of 1/2 lemon to 12 oz of water.

3.  Avoid refined carbs and sugar for a few days
Indulging in sweets and savories is part of the fun of a holiday, but it can lead to foggy head, fatigue mood swings and weight gain.  Try eliminating refined carbs (breads, pastas, crackers, etc) and added sugars for at least 3-5 days (or more) to stop the cravings and the cycle.  Instead of the pastries and bagels you were eating on holiday, try a simple egg, avocado and fruit or a banana or apple with almond butter for breakfast.

4.  Switch from coffee to green tea for a few days 
The adrenal glands become stressed when we're eating too much sugar, grains and caffeine.  This article, 6 little known signs of adrenal fatigue by The Healthy Home Economist is an interesting read if you think you may suffer from adrenal fatigue.  Plus, green tea has been shown to boost production of detox enzymes.  Try adding ginger to your green tea for an additional detox boost.

5.  Add bitter greens and radishes to you day
The bitter taste of watercress, dandelion greens, radish greens and arugula stimulates the liver to eliminate toxins quickly and efficiently.  A simple salad will do.  This arugula and fennel salad with lemon vinaigrette would work well.  Another detox powerhouse is the radish as both the greens and bulb are amazing for detoxing and take any dish to the next level.  Try them on avocado toast, salads, smoothies and tacos.  For more info, I love this article about all things radish by Positive Health Wellness.

6.  Add detox friendly spices, herbs and fruits to your water, smoothie or juice
Quench your mid-day cravings and slump by adding one or more of these super detox additions (fennel, turmeric, ginger, cucumber and celery are especially potent detoxifiers and diuretics) to your water, smoothie or juice.

Below are some great combinations:
*Fennel, mint, lemon, tart cherry and grapefruit smoothie is especially helpful with digestion and inflammation
7.  Unpack and do all the laundry
This is similar in theory to making your bed each morning.  The best way to start fresh after a festive holiday is with clean clothes and an organized existence.

8.  Have some bone broth 
A simple, easily digestible and mineral rich dinner of bone broth allows your digestive system to rest, restore and detox.  A healthy digestive system is linked to a healthy immune system and better mental health.  This article discusses how to make bone broth and the additional benefits of bone broth.

9.  Try oil pulling
Oil pulling is believed to help a variety of conditions according to Ayureveda experts by eliminating inflammation by pulling out toxins as well as bacteria in your mouth which can easily get into and harm the rest of your body.  It's great for the teeth, gums, sinus issues and even hangovers.  Read more about how and why to try oil pulling. 

10. Wake up earlier 
Do you ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation?  While holidays are a wonderful time to connect with family, friends and your kids, it's hard to get time alone.  Waking up before the rest of the house allows you to start the day on your terms (while oil pulling then enjoying lemon water ;)

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