why you should be adding fat to your green juice...

Many of us will be toting green juices in 2014 as part of our get healthy resolutions.  Make sure yours isn't missing a vital ingredient: FAT!  A little fat is necessary to help your body absorb many of the fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients in the fruits and veggies you're loading up on, especially if you're not drinking or eating anything else containing fat at the time.  My favorite fat source for juices is to blend in a little avocado.  Seeds (flax, hemp etc.) and nuts also work really well.  Here's my favorite green juice recipe:

1 large handful of kale, stems removed: nutritional powerhouse
1-2 lemons, peel, pith and seeds removed: helps with our body's acid/alkaline balance 
1/4 -1/8 avocado: healthy fat
2 small granny smith apples: loads of antioxidants (especially in the peel) and fiber
1 inch peeled ginger: a great anti-inflammatory and anti-vital
A small handful of parsley: a diuretic that helps flush the body of excess water and toxins

Additional options:
OJ: the boys like it a little sweeter so I add an ounce to their glasses

                                    Cheers to a healthy and happy 2014!

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