Fennel Detox Smoothie

Fennel has potent detox abilities and digestive aids.  I was inspired to make this by the fennel juice at Harvest Juicery in Chicago.  The fennel at Logan Square Farmer's Market looked great and when combined with lemon, grapefruit, mint and a few tart cherries (optional), this juice is refreshing, invigorating and...detoxifying.

*1 bulb of fennel plus leaves: end removed, separated and washed
*Juice of 1 lemon
*1 small handful of mint (about 2 Tbsp)
*1/2 large grapefruit (or more)
*8 tart cherries (optional)

Tart cherries' benefits include reducing inflammation and helping you sleep better.  Plus, they add a little brightness to this drink.


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  1. Hello dear, I never tried this smoothie, so thank you so much for sharing the recipe for making it here. I just came to know about Green drink as well tasty smoothies that is why I am taking help of online blogs and boards to know more about their recipes and health benefits.


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