The week in inspiration: Instagram Foodies

I recently started a Green & Plenty Instagram account  to help share my blog and inspirations and hopefully connect with some of my favorite Instagram health foodies.  I'm a little obsessed with Instagram lately and have found it to be a great, fresh inspiration for recipes (sorry old friend, Pinterest, I do still love you too).

Here are a few of my favorites to follow.  Check them out if you're on Instagram.  You may gain inspiration from their foods and philosophy too!  And if nothing else, you'll likely enjoy the pretty food photos!

Nutrition Stripped's Nourish Bowl

The Whole Food Diary's Lighter Pesto

JS Health's Onion and Tomato Stuffed Eggplants

Against All Grain

Honestlyhealthy's  Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Gwyneth Made Me Do It:

Do you have any favorite Instagram foodies you follow?  Please share if so!

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