feeding baby (and you): healthy, iron rich foods for babies and mamas

People often ask me for suggestions for nutritious foods to give their babies and toddlers, especially foods that are good sources of iron. Here are a few inexpensive and wholesome new ideas to try for those days when you feel like you've been serving and eating the same thing for too long! 

Tip: Add a squeeze of lime or orange (or any vitamin C rich food) to these dishes to increase the iron absorption from naturally iron rich foods. 

*  lentils (very easy to cook in a rice cooker) mashed with avocado, a squeeze of lime and seasoned with a touch of cumin (you may have to add a little liquid to get the right consistency)
*  black beans, steamed sweet potato and salsa (watch the spice level) pureed.  Serve alone or with corn or whole grain tortillas
*  pureed broccoli or spinach added to cheesy eggs
*  pureed soy beans mixed with a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper
*  natural sunflower seed butter (2x the iron of peanut butter) and no sugar added fruit spread (I like Crofters Organic)
*  quinoa with cooked pureed or cubed pumpkin or butternut squash, a splash of milk and cinnamon
*  full fat or 2% greek yogurt mixed with organic baby food fruit (or puree your own).  This is a no sugar added and cheaper option to the baby yogurts that ADD SUGAR and are expensive!  (This one isn't high in iron, but a good source of calcium)

Always consult your doctor about introducing new foods and make sure the food is the right consistency for your child's level.

images: sun butter Fage Yogurt broccoli sweet potato lentils avocado soybeans Ella's kitchen baby foods


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