Just a few photos I love and saved for inspiration.  I'm digging how they sneak a little green in for major impact!

The guitar adds such a great touch to the room don't you think.  Sam loves the guitar and his little ukulele....that guitar wouldn't be standing for long with him around.  Image from A Merry Mishap a favorite blog by a women with fantastic style!

Can't remember where this image is from (oops) and the space is a little busy for my taste, but I love the green vases in the upper left corner.  I popped into a flower shop yesterday that I pass almost daily but haven't been in in ages. The flowers and greens there are gorgeous and they had some beautiful vintage vases that I'm still thinking about, but have no place for in my home.

image via yelp

1718 N Wells
Chicago, IL 60616

Finally, Camille Styles is one of my new favorite party decor blogs.  She has so many fun posts on parties, decor and food!  Dig in!

What a great idea to personalize a simply wrapped bouquet with a touch of white paint.  PS, this is where I originally got the idea to wrap paper around old baby formula cans...kind of a creative progression, but that's how it works, right?  See here for my interpretation.

This is a great way to add more color to your decor.  This could easily be done with coffee stirrers and left over scrap or wrapping paper glued together. 

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