Why choosing grass fed and pastured meat is important

I know I don't do a lot of recipes on Green & Plenty that feature meat or poultry but I want to start adding more!  I try to be picky about where my meat comes from and so recently I signed up to join a buying club through Wallace Farms to supply us with most of our grass fed meat, butter and poultry.   And here's why:

The group of farmers who supply the products for this buying club believes in raising grass fed animals without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and using sustainable farming methods.   Sure you can get some grass fed products at grocery stores and either way it's more expensive than conventional, but I like the idea of supporting a local trusted farm (and it's a bit cheaper than Whole Foods).  If you can't afford grass fed for all your animal products, choose a few items each week if you can as a start.

The benefits of grass fed meat and poultry that should have you asking questions next time you're at the butcher counter:


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