pregnancy cravings for citrus: a healthy recipe

I guess there may be a little more to my extra long absence from blogging.  While my intention was to come back in January, I found myself preoccupied and utterly exhausted.  Turns out we're expecting another baby!  We're so thrilled and I'm finally shaking the exhaustion and my nearly daily afternoon nap  which leaves me a little time to spring clean (ugh) and blog.  While the first trimester was filled with lots of pizza cravings and indulgences (could explain some of the exhaustion), I'm also really focused on eating tons of fruits and vegetables.  My other craving has been citrus.  Here's a cleansing and crisp smoothie that fits my focus and my cravings (for citrus, not pizza ;)

*1 large stalk celery 
*1 granny smith apple (cored)
*1/2 cucumber
*Juice of 1/2 lemon
Blend with ice/water and enjoy!
*go organic on these fruits/veggies if you can as they can be highly contaminated veggie

Celery:  Celery contains compounds that help regulate fluid balance (aka relieve water retention) and reduce blood pressure making it a great addition for pregnant women, anyone with hypertension and pretty much the rest of Americans who generally eat too much sodium.  

Cucumber:  Cucumbers provide us with valuable antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits all great additions to any diet, not to mention pregnant moms and baby.  

Apples:  I keep the skin on the apples for smoothies making it an even better source of fiber.  Ideal for keeping you regular and full!

Lemon:  A great source of vitamin C, lemons help fight free-radicals in our bodies (harmful aging components) as well as strengthen immunity.  

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