going green in redbird nation

We spent some time in St. Louis this week visiting with friends and family.  As usual, we took some time to eat and play, this time in the Historic Tower Grove South Neighborhood, and found a few green gems...

Historic Tower Grove South Neighborhood
3137 Morgan Ford Road
St. Louis, MO 63116

The goal at Local Harvest Grocery and Cafe is that 50% of their products come from within 150 miles of St. Louis.  Their passion ensures the freshest food, support for their community and a lighter carbon footprint....an admirable goal that more restaurants and grocery stores should aspire to!  Oh, and the food was delicious...and we tried a lot of it!

Blue Brick Renovation & Construction  is a company started by brothers born and raised in St. Louis.  They have extensive experience with eco-friendly and energy efficient green building.  Recently Blue Brick completed this home, one of the greenest ever built in St. Louis and currently LEED platinum applied.   It is located near the Historic Tower Grove South neighborhood (by Local Harvest).

3181 Morgandford Road
Fabulous vintage clothing and costumes

I also stumbled up St. Louis Green, a website listing all that's green in St.Louis from restaurants and boutiques to events and jobs.

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