5 simple and stylish DIY projects

I like a good DIY project.  The creative expression and sense of accomplishment are invigorating....when I choose the right DIY.  I've found through experience that simple is usually best.  Here are 5 simple, affordable and stylish DIY projects you could totally do in a weekend.

The shelf in this photo from 100 Layer Cake isn't a DIY tutorial per se, but if you drill 4 holes in a piece of wood (reclaimed, white oak or walnut would be my choice), add rope and knot (easily found at Home Depot) and loop it through 2 eye hooks screwed into the wall (use a level), you've got a chic and cheap new shelf.

I did a similar DIY paper towel holder in my boys bathroom and it was quite easy!  This one by Design Love Fest is really pretty.

Tassels and fringe are all the rage!  This DIY tassel from Miss Renaissance would make a great addition to a simple clutch, a beach bag, a belt or even shoes like these amazing Ulla Johnson tassel shoes.

What word to use for your instant and affordable DIY push pin art by Metal and Mud?  I love this idea for a play room, mud room or child's room.  

I really want a fanny pack!  Not like the terrible ones we wore in high school, more like the one above.  Below is instruction for a DIY fanny pack by Disney Style...you could even use a clutch and belt you already own.

Good luck!

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