spinach is in season! How to quickly and easily get it into your diet: A G&P weekly bite

Spinach is a cool weather crop and since we just survived a seriously cool weather season, it's looking really fresh and good right about now.

  • The best source for the freshest spinach right now is your local farmer's market.  
  • Try storing washed (and dried) spinach in the freezer as it will crumble easily with just a squeeze of your hand when you take it out making it a quick, kid-friendly (because it's in small pieces) easy (no knife necessary) and nutritious addition to scrambled eggs, lentils, pasta, soups, burgers, meatballs, smoothies etc. etc... 

    • Spinach is a powerhouse of nutrients including vitamin A, iron, Vitamin C, folate, magnesium and vitamin K.  
    • It's also a potent anti-inflammatory making it great for anti-aging ;)  
    • recent study showed that spinach helps protect the GI (gastrointestinal) system from damage and inflammation (thought to be a major contributor to allergies, immune problems and skin issues like eczema).

    PS, I recently asked friends and readers for ideas for blog posts and ways to keep my readers engaged and snag new readers.  One friend's idea was to post little news flash-type blurbs that keep people coming to the blog, are quick and easy for me to write and also provide a quick bit of inspiration for you to read (because I know we just don't have much time for anything these days).  So this is my first of those little blurbs, aka G&P weekly bite.  Expect more on nutrition and wellness but also fashion and design and who knows what else!  You can also follow Green & Plenty on Instagram for lots more tips and ideas that don't make it to the blog.

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