the week in inspirations: Relax and Revive

I'm obsessed with the Ro chair designed by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hanson to be comfortable and obviously beautiful.  Ro is Danish for tranquility and the sculpture and coziness is very zen.  I'll take 2, please!
Nest/suite ny

And speaking of zen, have you read the Time Magazine Mindful Revolution article about meditation.  This new 'revolution' is showing up everywhere with classes from Google HQ to your local college and even middle schools.  The practice shows great results including increased productivity, academic performance, happiness and creativity as well as reduced stress, anxiety and depression.  I think most of us could benefit from a few moments of silence to reset.  I know I sure could!  Here's a simple 5 minute guide to meditation if you want to give it a try.  And below, a little more information on the what and why of living in the moment.

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