teething baby relief

Hi!  I know I've been MIA lately.  I've been busy with a new gig and a teething toddler....a nasty mix!  I think the temper tantrums are a little age related and a little pain related so I've been looking for things to distract him any way I can.  Letting Sam play my ukulele while I "sing" and dance like a fool seems to work best, but there has to be another option to help with the pain.  I refuse to carry the uke everywhere we go...and the show I put on for Sam should not be seen by anyone over 2!

Here's what I found when I googled "natural pain relief for teething".  They all sound harmless (unless your toddler bites), but I'll try the ginger remedy first as I have it in the house.
  • Make an allspice bead necklace for the tot to chew on.
  • Rub the gums with ground clove paste (ground cloves with a touch of water to make a paste).
  • Rub the gums with ground ginger paste (ground ginger mixed with water to make a paste).
  • Soak a cloth in chamomile tea and freeze.  Have the tot chew on this.
Have you tried any of these things?  Do they work?  Is there another natural option?  Please help!   


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