a giveaway: Little Beans Cafe

I'm really excited to offer my readers the chance to participate in a contest to win a 5-visit pass for Little Beans Cafe.

If you haven't been to or heard of Little Beans Cafe before, it's a family cafĂ© and imaginative playspace for kids of all ages.  They have a cafe with a great assortment of coffee drinks and snacks, classes like yoga and pilates and are expanding their menu to include even more nutritious options.   The play space is large and has something for every imagination.  Sam and I are huge fans....he gets SO excited every time we walk through their door!

To be eligible for the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below.  You can say anything in your comment, but it would be helpful if you would tell me what you like/don't like or would like to see more of on Green & Plenty.  One entry per person please. The contest will run for 10 days and we require a minimum number of participants in the contest, so tell your friends!  Even if you don't live in Chicago, you can enter and gift the pass to a friend or family member who does.  It would also be great if you would "like" Green & Plenty and Little Beans Cafe on facebook!  I'll randomly chose a winner and will notify you after the 10 days.

Good Luck!
Thanks everyone for entering!  Our winner is Claire Holland.


  1. Oh! 5 day pass, pick me pick me!! I LOVE getting out of the house.

  2. I'm looking forward to checking out Little Beans - probably this weekend when it looks like it will be cold and rainy.

    I would love to see a post about some healthy options for what I can bring on the go to feed my 15-month-old. I typically take blueberries, puffs or a PB&J but I'd love some other ideas.


  3. hi H, keep up the great work! i love all the recipes and whenever you need a taste tester let me know. also, i know a few cute shorties here in chicago that would love some playtime at little beans.

  4. Heather, As you know I am loving your blog and I check it everyday. I love the nutritious recipe ideas and the information that you provide on healthier eating is easy to read and understand. We love Little Beans Cafe as well!! We could spend hours there. We can't wait to have a play date there with Sam soon!!

  5. what a great place! will have to check out on a visit to chi with the kiddos! love learning about everyday nutrition - things i use and remember. posts about toddler / baby recipes would be fantastic - we get so tired of the old ususals...new ideas are welcomed!

  6. Love the blog! Tons of good tips. Especially love the recipes! Keep em coming!

  7. love your blog - thanks for making living green so approachable and very stylish!

    so seeing the first signs of spring has me dreaming of spending summer days on our back porch and in our backyard. unfortunately the long winter has left it looking less than fresh. i would love to see posts about spring cleaning (inside & out) and kiddo safe plants/gardens/deck greenhouses for urban backyards. also, are there any green clothing and sunscreen insights/tips on keeping the kiddos safe from the sun?

    thanks for all the great ideas!


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