There is a fantastic "green" restaurant called Nana that I recently discovered thanks to a great friend.  Located in Bridgeport, it's outside of our normal stomping grounds, but a welcomed change of scenery.  Nana is a family-owned, organic restaurant offering choices for those who are not only passionate about great tasting food, but who are also passionate about where their food comes from.  Nana, named after the owners' grandmother, sources ingredients from numerous local farms, artisan craftsmen and suppliers. 

The space is sunny and fresh, but with a warmth second only to the food!
And you've gotta love the local art for sale on the walls!

My photos of the food do NOT do it justice!  Everything on the seasonal menu sounded amazing.  The dishes we tried did not disappoint!

Everyone was very happy with their Nana experience!

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  1. Hi Heather. Nana looks scrumptious: it's a pity that my Cape Town is so far away. Always great to see places from other sides of the world that I imagine visiting one day! x Megan, your fellow BYW student


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