spaghetti squash pasta with broccolini and parmesan

Whether you're trying to increase your vegetable intake, reduce your carbon footprint, or just decrease your grocery bill, going meat-free on Monday is a great way to meet your goals!  This spaghetti squash "pasta" dish is loaded with vitamins (including folate and B6), antioxidants, potassium and fiber.  It's also low-glycemic, meaning that it won't cause that insulin surge that we're trying to avoid!

I halved the squash, put it cut side down on an oiled baking sheet and roasted it at 400 for 40ish minutes
(it's done when you can pierce it with a fork),
pulled it with a fork into "spaghetti" strings then
sauteed garlic in a little olive oil
added broccolette (picked this out while standing next to
Vince Vaughn today at Whole Foods)
lightly toasted walnuts
shaved parmesan
a little butter
salt & pepper

The husband and baby loved it, even without the meat!
ps. make sure you don't over cook the squash...a little al dente is best

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