for the lovely new mama...

A new mom has very little time to think of herself...but if she did (or if someone else is) here is what she might like:

A washable sweater with pockets to wear almost daily.  The pockets are key to hold the pacifiers, chap stick, monitors, phone etc.

Water, water, important, especially to a nursing mother.  This eco-friendly, chic and healthy bottle will be with her wherever she goes.

Mother-in-law's tongue (aka snake) plants are great looking, easy to care for, absorb airborne toxins and act as a natural humidifier.  A perfect gift for the busy mom and her fragile little baby.

Fresh, seasonal and no-knife-required fruits are essential for a new mom.  Make a beautiful basket and be proud that you're contributing to her good health.

Love this quick and easy energy source.  She will too!

So this miracle under eye cream may be a little indulgent, but who deserves something to help make her feel beautiful as much as she does?

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