DIY Halloween Decor

Here's a quick, easy, inexpensive and fun idea for Halloween decor in honor of our batty house these days!

What you'll need:

  • 1 roll black foam paper (purchased at JoAnn Fabric)
  • Scissors
  • white chalk
  • hole punch
  • bat stencil (I just drew my own free-hand but there are printable versions on Pinterest)
  • monofilament multi-purpose string (like fishing wire or picture hanging wire)
  • clothes pins or clips
  • hot glue gun
Fold the black paper and trace half a bat at the fold.  Cut.

Fold the bats at the center and punch holes at the top to resemble the eyes.  Punch holes at the ends of the wings and thread string from one side to the next.  

I used three different strings and hung them from a tree in my front yard to my front lights and another tree.  Because it's so windy, I had to hot glue the bats in place but if you do this inside, they shouldn't slide.



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