affordable and comfortable style after baby: the mom uniform

Style after baby (especially in the first few weeks and months) isn't typically glamours, but that doesn't mean it can't be sometimes.  Here are a few stylish, affordable and washable mom uniform looks that you can breastfeed in anywhere, anytime and still feel a little cuter than you do in your yoga clothes -without sacrificing the comfort.  Just add an oversized scarf and/or favorite cardigan and you're all covered...literally :)

Loft * J.Crew * Zara * Madewell * EverlaneShopbop * Bloomingdales

And what I'll probably be wearing most days: a favorite oxford or denim shirt (PS, try J. Crew, Old Navy or Gap boys department) black jeans or leggings and of course dark sunglasses!

And if you're still dressing the bump, check out Maternity Style, Best Dressed Bumps

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  1. Many uniforms create a sort "Pavlovian dog" conditioned response effect and in many instances that is why the uniform was created in the shape style or color presented.


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