Coconut Oil for Acne Prone Skin: A G&P weekly bite

So it's likely that you've read about coconut oil for it's multiple uses and benefits lately.  From oil pulling to helping reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's, coconut oil is the cure-all of the year.  Skeptical, but curious, I decided I would give it a try as a moisturizer for my face.  I already use it on my body (it's great for the growing belly) and love that it's pretty much as au naturel as it gets.  BUT...would it make me break out (I have acne prone skin)?  I tried it on half of my face for 3-4 weeks just to see if I noticed a difference...

And it turns out it didn't cause breakouts for me!  It also made my skin soft, even toned and dare I say healthier looking, but not greasy (it's a dry oil that absorbs quickly).  According to a coconut oil expert for the Huffington Post, it removes dead cells on the skin's surface acting as an exfoliant of sorts.  It's also antibacterial and anti fungal which makes it a great possible treatment for acne.  And coconut oil has a natural it's only an SPF of 4-8, but it's something.

I've been using the organic, unrefined, virgin oil that's fair trade from Dr Bronner's.  It's between $10-$12 for a 14oz jar.  I finally feel like I've found my moisturizer!

PS, Speaking from experience, be careful if you're traveling with coconut oil as it will turn to liquid in the mid 70 degree range and if your container isn't sealed well, it will get everywhere...

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