Farm to…vending machine? Farmer's Fridge: a successful twist in the slow food movement:

The slow food movement has taken off, and rightly so.  There's no question that eating fresh, healthy and local food is good for our bodies and the environment, but it's too often easier said than done.  That is until the genius idea behind Farmer's Fridge came along!  Luke Saunders, founder of Farmer's Fridge, came up with the revolutionary idea to take fresh, organic ingredients, combine them in delicious, nourishing and satisfying salads and snacks and put them into a vending machine!  And it's not just your average vending machine either; there's reclaimed wood, a user-friendly ordering screen and real live plants on top.  Even better is what's inside the machine.  There were multiple salad combinations that all sounded so good I couldn't decide what to order.  Both salads that I tried, the Cheater and the North Napa Salad were delicious.  I added chicken (that's right, you can get chicken separate in an adorable little 100% BPA-free and recyclable little container) which was tender, flavorful and totally safe.  The dressings, served in a little container placed on top of the layered salads, were very flavorful but not at all heavy.  And if you're curious, all of the nutrition information is listed right before your eyes on the salad container.  As we were leaving, my lunch date commented on how she felt energized, not ready for a nap like one usually feels after a 'fast' food lunch.

Currently the only Chicago Farmer's Fridge location is at 201 N Clark in the Garvey Food Court at Clark and Lake (although that may change soon/regularly?), but they have a kiosk request form on their website and they cater.  I can't wait to see the Farmer's Fridge kiosk at hospitals, schools, Millennium Park evening concerts (that's my vote), and various other places.  Props to Luke and his team for giving us tasty, real food options in a sea of processed cr*p.


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