The week in inspirations

This week I'm featuring inspirations from inspirational women.  This is a little prelude to an upcoming theme I'll be focusing on.  In the coming months I'll be interviewing women I know and love who are making it all work (family life, careers, passions, social lives etc.)  I can't wait to share these amazing women with you. 

I've been following Susan from Freshly Picked baby moccasins on Instagram for a while and was so excited to see her on Shark Tank this week.  Her story of how she started making moccasins out of a need to find a shoe/sock that would stay on her baby's feet is very inspiring.  She had no training or sewing skills.  Just a need, a passion and a scrap of leather from a yard sale.  Now she's selling over $600k in moccasins and just made a deal with one of the Sharks, Daymond John.  I love a good story like this!  And I can think of a few people who just might need these moccs very soon….

Floriole is hands down my favorite bakery/cafe in Chicago.  The food is amazing (the croissants and BAD sandwich are my favorites), the atmosphere is charming and the owner is another passionate and talented woman on a mission who happens to be so nice and generous (she lent me her beautiful upstairs space free of charge to hold a fundraising event for Nurture a few years ago).  She got her start with a stand at The Green City Farmer's Market in Lincoln Park and eventually worked her way up to a the ultra-successful cafe on Webster.  While I love her doughy inventions, sometimes you just can't justify it, which is why I was so excited to see that they're offering baked eggs in spiced tomato sauce with yogurt and greens.  If you can't make it to Floriole, here's a recipe to try on your own.

Mabo Kids is run by a mother of two and made in the USA (love that) using quality fabrics with simple, classic and sweet designs.  I love the 3 timeless pieces above.  Baby clothes with all these qualities are not easy to find!

And for all of us inspirational women out there who need a little help making it all work (who doesn't) and putting together a hot and delicious dinner in the meantime, here's a slow cooker recipe that my lovely (and equally inspiring) sister-in-law recommended.  This one will make you look like you know what you're doing in the kitchen even if you don't.

I  hope you're having a great weekend.

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