Fall Farmer's Market Recipes: broccoli

Ok, I'm kind of obsessed with the importance of broccoli in the diet!  Last week I got the greenest, tastiest broccoli from Green City Market and while I usually have to force myself to eat broccoli, this stuff was great!  I've been throwing it in with eggs, dipping it in greek yogurt mixed with a touch of mayo and spices and sneaking it into soups (at the last minute so it doesn't lose it's bright green color, flavor and nutrients).  Broccoli has antioxidants thought to help prevent cancer, lower cholesterol and likely many more super nutrients you just can't get in a bottle!  In fact, broccoli's unique combination of vitamins A and K help our bodies metabolize vitamin D supplements often needed by people living in the northern half of the US. 

I'm excited to have a specific new recipe in mind when I hit the market tomorrow.  Thanks to My New Roots, I'll be purchasing some broccoli and hot peppers to make this dish...the rest I happen to have on hand!  Isn't that the best way to plan a meal! 

PS, I think this dish would be great with cauliflower too...just not as colorful!

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