yogurt for weight loss?

A New York times article published yesterday discussed the results of a long-term analysis of the many factors that influence weight gain.  According to this study, it may be more about WHAT you're eating than how much...to an extent.  Not surprising are the findings that increased consumption of TV, french fries, potatoes, refined grains, sweets and sweetened drinks increases annual weight gain.  What's worth taking note of from this study is the finding that increased fat from nuts and peanut butter as well as yogurt consumption actually resulted in weight loss over the long-term study. 

Researches believe the yogurt related weight loss is due to the healthy bacteria that increase production of intestinal hormones that tell us we're full.

My suggestion: choose a plain Greek or goat's milk yogurt as it's highest in protein and lowest in sugar.   I like the whole milk yogurt for it's flavor and healthy, immune boosting fats.  PS, we need fat to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A & D in milk products.  Try mixing your yogurt with a bit of peanut or other nut butter and top with walnuts and cinnamon....great as a dip or alone with some blueberries or apples.  As Sam would say "mmm mmm"!

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