summer plums

Plums are the first fruit I remember really loving.  I recently introduced them to Sam and after a wide-eyed, messy and hilarious session, the pit arrived too quickly and he started signing for more....

Sam has mauled 2 per day ever since.  I take one bite to start it off then hand it to him (actually, he rips it out of my hand).  It makes such a mess, but makes both of us so happy.  If you try this, just be sure to keep an eye when your little one gets close to the pit so you can pry it away :)

Plums are in season from May-October (depending on where you live).   The softer they are the less tart they are and the higher in antioxidants.  They're also a good source of Vitamin C.  I've mentioned this before but ps, babies and children need at least one good source of this nutrient per day.  The antioxidants they contain are particularly good at preventing oxidative damage to the fat cells in our brains.  Losing your keys again, anyone?


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