lettuce garden update

Just wanted to post a few pics of the latest with the lettuce "garden".  I finally got a sunny day to plant a few weeks ago.  And since the weather has been so cool here, it's been perfect for lettuce.

It's going pretty well and aside from a dinner with a few guests, I've yet to buy lettuce in the last few weeks.  So not only am I saving money (well, not yet because of the cost of the containers etc...) but I'm also getting a far greater nutritional bang for my buck including beta carotene, antioxidants and folic acid from my fresh lettuce than from store bought lettuce which begins to lose nutrients after about 48 hours.   I would highly recommend trying this for yourself....

The porch still needs work, but it's a huge improvement from baseline.

I'm also growing swiss chard and kale that I've been using in smoothies and a recent batch of stuffed mushrooms!

It was recommended that I get self-watering containers, but I couldn't find ones that I liked within my budget, so I went with some more traditional ones. 

Tomorrow is the Green City Market and I'm going for Sun Gold cherry tomatoes from Tomato Mountain and I think I'll do basil, mint, oregano and who knows what else from Leaning Shed Farm (all per The Organic Gardener).

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