Orzo salad recipe

Today was busy with patients, music class and running around gathering supplies for Sam's birthday present (post to come) so Meatless Monday was this previous post defrosted from frozen.  I've heard from readers that they too do Meatless Monday.   Please, please share your recipes with Green & Plenty.  I would love to try them and share with my readers!  We can all benefit from a little help from our friends, right? 

For now, a few of my favorites:

The chicken in these whole living mini chicken lettuce wraps can be replaced with tofu or mushrooms to make them meatless.  You can also lightly saute cabbage and carrots in olive oil and add to the wrap for even more nutritional punch.  So far every recipe I've tried from the Whole Living site has been really great (and I LOVE the magazine)!

image via epicurious

This recipe is a go to for parties and always a huge hit!  The baby tomatoes are currently in season and the orzo can easily be replaced with quinoa for a wheat-free alternative with more protein and fiber. 

Can't wait to hear what you're making for Meatless Monday!  

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