green and eco-friendly gifts for children

We made it to the Green Metropolis Fair last weekend.  It was fun and informative with some great food...a perfect combination.  I went a little crazy at Natural Green Baby and Bella & Boo on kidishes (durable, real glass dishes for children made in France) and stackable stainless steel food containers for the picnics we're dreaming of permitting.  I also got a few books and a T that I remember seeing before I was even expecting Sam...fell in love with it then and when I saw it this time, I had to have it! 

Super fuzzy image, but it says "I'll change the world someday".  No pressure, Sam...ha!

We also fell in love with Green Spirit Living's raw chipotle kale chips and spinach smoothie.  Sam sucked the smoothie down in 2 minutes...literally!  And when his dad tried to have a sip, he freaked out!  Get your babes on spinach now before they're 14 as a woman with a darling young 14 year old told me at the true!

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