April showers bring....

April has become one of my favorite months:  My little guy's birthday, buds on the trees (finally) and the promise of what's to come...flowers, fresh, seasonal foods and all else that's green & sunny!

image taken for Green & Plenty of a page from the April issue of bon appetit

Spring is symbolic of new beginnings!  And so I've set a few (5) goals for myself for this month in preparation for the new season...

1.  Throw a seasonal, green and spectacular 1st birthday party for our son that provides as much joy for him as it does for us and our friends and family!

2.  Plant a container garden on our back deck (and all that entails??!?).

3.  Do something for Earth Day that challenges me, but makes sense and is sustainable long term.

4.   Eat raw for 4-7 days (we'll see how long I can last).

5.  Take on some (at least one) of the DIY design projects around the house that I've been putting off.

Now that I've put it out in the bloggosphere, I feel that maybe it will make me more accountable!  I plan to post my progress as I go....we'll see what happens!

What are you hoping to achieve this month?  And hey, we all already have SO much going on so just enjoying the season develop is a fine and respectable answer!

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