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The Today Show recently reported that 1 in 4 children in the US goes to bed hungry....1 in 4!  That breaks my heart and makes me realize just how fortunate my family is.

The Hunger Site sells goods from around the world and the proceeds from products you buy converts into cups of food for someone in need.  They have a lot of fantastic things that would make wonderful gifts.  Here are a few of my favorites:

The recycled flower sak grocery bag is super cool!  It funds 50 cups of food and is roomy enough for all of your own farmer's market finds!

The recycled rice bag waste basket provides 25 cups of food and would also be great for storing kids toys or as the container for a DIY gift basket.

This stone sculpture funds 25 cups of food and would look nice in any room!

These 100% eco-friendly, vegetable dye painted tops fund 25 cups of food and would make a perfect party favor for a child's birthday party.  Sam's baseball themed 1st birthday party is around the corner.  I think I'll get these and attach a card saying "you're in the top of my lineup". 

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