eco-friendly designer clothing

The sun is shining this morning, and while the temps are still cool, my mind is drifting to spring/summer wardrobe!  Here is a little taste of what's out there in the world of "green" fashion.

Organic by John Patrick focuses on sustainably and often locally sourced and made clothing.  The eco-conscious designer's Spring 2011 line was hydro-themed to draw attention to New York City's Water on the Go initiative to cut back on the use of disposable water bottles.  John Patrick placed a portable drinking fountain at the entrance of the runway show that people used to fill their water bottles when leaving.  Way to use your influence to make a difference, John!

I'm obsessed with this hat made of natural straw and sewn in New York!

Another, more casual organic line, Stewart+Brown "believes in optimizing their designs and lives to attain the highest standards of quality and functional style while extracting the bare minimum from Earth's precious capital. Stewart+Brown practices and promotes a symbiotic and harmonious relationship between business, community, and nature. We aspire to apply the wisdom of sustainability to everything we do while inspiring others, just as we have been inspired, to do the same".  I found this line in Chicago at Kaveri in Lincoln Park.  Some favorites:

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