"Spring" cleaning

Good bye and good riddance, February!  Actually, February wasn't so bad, but March is here and it's time to focus on spring!  Throughout the month I'll post on spring cleaning & greening your life from your home to your health and a few things in between.  And if you could see my place right now you would know why! The toys are multiplying, my kitchen cabinets are overflowing and my inspiration "zone" is in serious need of some organization to start.  But don't feel overwhelmed-  I have the perfect starting point that takes 5 minutes or less!

image via city sage

Studies have shown that  just making your bed in the morning makes you happier!  It may makes you feel like your day is off to the right start and it simply looks better!  So for today, be sure to make your bed and if you too are in need of some spring tidying, think about what areas of your life need the most attention. Hopefully green & plenty can help you out.

 Happy March!

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  1. So, just 3 posts in and I'm in love.

    You are interesting and quick {no long drawn out posts} I like that. AND you have great advice.

    Do you have your own Facebook Page or Twitter for your blog.

    My favorite blogs, I follow on fb b/c then I will see their new posts... where as with my Google Reader.... not so much. Too full and I miss stuff.

    I don't want to miss your stuff!



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