Blogging Your Way: Green & Plenty style

image by Leslie of A Creative Mint

So I just finished a 4 week e-course called Blogging Your Way run by the amazing and talented Holly of decor8 and Leslie of A Creative Mint.  Both of these blogs are beautiful, inspirational and very successful!  If you're not already a fan, check them out, I bet you become one!  They both started blogs doing what they love and have reached millions of people.  Doors have opened for them in so many unexpected but welcomed ways thanks to following their passions. 

The class taught me so much about writing a successful blog, taking great photos and expanding my audience, but also about staying true to myself and living according to my passions...and I have lots to do to implement all I learned.  I can not thank these ladies enough for all the guidance and inspiration (and for connecting me with so many other bloggers around the world)!  If anyone is thinking about taking this class, I would highly recommend it! 

One of our "homework" assignments was to create a mood board to get us thinking about our inspirations and the overall feel of our blog.  I "worked" on this for a few weeks (aka put it together and then just kept looking at it because something wasn't working).  Anyway, once the deadline was seriously approaching, I thought about what I learned from Holly & Leslie and followed the advice of Coco Chanel and took a piece or two off....and it finally "works" (at least for me). 

What do you guys think?  I'll now create a mood board before decorating a room or planning decor for a helpful and lots of fun...just like Blogging Your Way!


  1. Hi Heather,
    Thank you -what a wonderful post! I am happy you enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it! I know there is much to process over the weeks to come.
    Your moodboard is beautiful. Simple, yet full of natural details that speak about your interests in health, food, the environment and caring. I probably missed something but that is the general vibe I get. I can really relate to your refined sensibilities. Thank you for sharing this. I will be checking back here. xo
    ps. excellent photos too -good even lighting.

  2. I love your board. That you used real, tangible objects is a great idea. That could go such a long way guiding an idea or design. I'm saving that one.

    Thank you for sharing!


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