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Whole Foods recently started rating their meat on the basis of how the animals are treated.  I applaud this step, especially since it's meant to help improve the treatment of animals and overall standards in the industry.  Whole Foods explains that just getting to a rating of 1 is " a huge accomplishment in the industry! Step 1 requires more from our farmers and ranchers than we have ever asked before.  Here's the scale: 1. No crates, no cages, no crowding 2. Enriched Environment 3. Enhanced Outdoor Access 4. Pasture Centered  5. Animal Centered 5/5+.  I didn't look at the entire case, but in the poultry section, the highest rating I saw today was a 2, which  is good....I guess, but it makes me want to know more about where my food is coming from, especially my meat.  Why weren't there more "5"s?  One way to find out more is to check with your loal farmer's market that sells meat, poultry and or fish.  In Chicago, Green City Market's website is a great place to start.

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