green grapes

I'm far from a wine connoisseur, but I do know what I like.  And with SO many wines to choose from (even in my price range) why not have some compass to help narrow down the search?  Since I'm trying to eat greener, shouldn't I be trying to drink greener too?  There are organic and biodynamic wines on the market that are grown and produced using sustainable and even holistic practices.  Alois Lageder, an Italian winemaker and expert in biodynamic practices, describes it as "making wines that express the qualities of the grapes from which they are made, which have been grown in harmony with nature. Constantly interacting with these various influences, we constantly pursue the goal of producing wines that reflect our commitment to sustainable procedures in the cellars no less than in the vineyards". 

On a recent trip to Binnys, I asked the experts there about their organic and biodynamic wines.  They pointed me in the direction of the above wines.  They were all quite good and will now be on my go-to list.  And all are under $20!  I was especially pleasantly surprised by the Alois Legeder Pinot Grigio since I don't usually love pinot grigio.

Check them out and feel better about the 2nd or even 3rd glass....hey, it's good for the environment!

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