the best teas

On a cold morning like the ones we've been having in Chicago (and will continue to have for some weeks to come) there is nothing like a steaming hot cup of tea!  These are some of the best brew at home, high quality, organic and antioxidant rich options.

Rainforest Mint by Octavia Tea is a yerba mate tea touted for its caffeine-free energy boosting abilities and possible ability to aid in weight loss.  The refreshing addition of mint is a great way to quench a sweet tooth!

Tamayokucha extremely green tea by two leaves and a bud tea company out of Basalt, Colorado was discovered on a trip to Vale, CO a few years back.  There is something very perfect about this green tea...and I drink a lot of green tea!

Mighty Leaf African Nectar by Mighty Leaf  is a red tea which is very high in antioxidants.  This particular one is like a calorie-free desert in a cup!

Argo White Tea by Argo Tea has a special place in my heart.  I spent many an hour studying at Argo and could always rely on the clean, crisp flavor of this (again) antioxidant rich tea to get me through the long hours without the caffeine jitters.

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